What is a Statute of Limitations?

A “statute of limitations” is the rule governing how long after your injury you may file a lawsuit. Texas uses a variety of different dates, depending on what kind of injury you have suffered. Here is a list of the statutory time for a few of the types of cases that VB Attorneys handle: Negligence or Personal Injury (including auto accidents) – 2 years Dangerous Products – 2 years Maritime Injury Jones Act Claims – 3 years Texas uses the “discovery rule” as the start time for the statute of limitations. This means that the clock begins to tick from the moment that you discovered or should reasonably have discovered your injury. It is important to note that the starting time for the statute of limitations is very different when children are involved. If your child is injured, his or her statute of limitations does not begin running until he reaches the age of 18. For instance, if he is injured in a car accident at the age of five, but does not file a suit until he is 19, his claim will not have expired. While the statute of limitations provides the “end date” for the filing of a lawsuit, there may be many good reasons to get yours started earlier. Additionally, because every case is different, there may be some exception to the general statute of limitations rules that applies to your case. If you have any questions about your case, you should contact VB Attorneys today at our toll free number 877-724-7800.
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