What is this medical authorization form I am being asked to sign by the insurance company?

A medical authorization form allows insurance companies to get their hands on all of your medical records – even those records that aren't about the injuries specifically related to your case.  Does this sound odd to you?  It should.  This is a favorite tactic of insurance companies.  They will look through ALL of your past medical records, searching for something they can use against you.

What often happens is that they try to claim that the pain or injury you suffered in the car wreck is not because of the accident – that it is from a previous injury or health problem.  This is how they try to justify denying your claim or paying you a very small settlement.

Before you sign a medical authorization form or any other form from the insurance company after an accident, please consult with an experienced accident lawyer.  A few minutes of your time consulting with a skilled attorney could save you a great deal of heartache – and money.

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