What are the Cell Phone Texting Laws for Commercial Truckers in Texas?

Truckers can't text and driverEven though Texas Governor Rick Perry recently vetoed a bill that would have banned all Texas drivers from sending text messages from the behind the wheel, there is a federal regulation that bans all commercial truckers from texting while driving. The ban was announced by the United States Department of Transportation in January 2010, after several studies showed that truckers and bus drivers were significantly more likely to cause traffic accidents while texting. Texting truckers can face fines of up to $2,750.

Currently, there are no federal regulations regarding truckers talking on handheld mobile devices such as smart phones or cellular phones.

In addition, there are no Texas laws that restrict mobile phone use by motor vehicle operators with one important exception: no driver is allowed to use a handheld cell phone while driving in a school zone.

There are no state or federal laws limiting the use of CB radios in commercial trucks.

If you are a commercial trucker, it is wise to use best practices and avoid using anything that can take your eyes off the road or cause you to drive recklessly

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