Where can I turn if I’m struggling to adjust after surviving a pirate attack?

After you have become a victim of piracy, you may be surprised at the thin support you receive once it’s all said and done. Although everyone can agree that you have been through a harrowing experience, it seems as though, outside of your friends and family, no one is stepping up to help. If you’re feeling a little abandoned now that you’re back at home, you’re not alone. Many piracy victims have trouble getting the help they need recovering from the experience—and it may be extremely difficult to figure out what resources are available to you or how you qualify.

If you are struggling to adjust to life after the attack, always remember that you can turn to your family doctor or your counselor—the professionals who care for you will often be familiar with resources available for families in similar situations, and they may also be able to provide helpful guidance in managing your physical recovery and emotional transition. Great communication with your care providers means that your concerns can be documented and addressed appropriately.   

And, lastly, don’t forget that you can also talk to your attorney. As attorneys who have served injured seamen and victims of pirate attacks around the world, we believe in full-service support for our clients. If you are having financial, emotional, or physical struggles after what has happened to you, our team can answer your questions and help connect you with the information and resources that you need. While having someone to handle the legal details for you can be a relief, our attorneys know that becoming the victim of piracy can change every aspect of your life—and we want to make that transition as easy as possible for you and your family.

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