"There is no way I can lose this case, right??"

Every once in a while, a prospective new client will tell me that "there is no way to lose" his or her case and the insurance company will pay money quickly.

I wish I had a dime for every time someone said this to me.

Although most cases settle, they do not settle until the insurance company has done everything in its power to minimize the value of the case

For example, the insurance companies know that the television advertising making false claims about the U.S. civil justice system will probably prejudice a lot of jurors against the injured person from the get-go.

Then, the insurance company will spend whatever it takes to win the case.  They will hire doctors to say you are faking it.  They will try to twist any pre-existing medical condition you had into an excuse for not paying for your current injuries.  They will hire experts to say the accident was your fault or that you don't have any economic losses.  And the list goes on.

What this means is that you cannot entrust your case to a lawyer who says it will be easy, quick, painless, or automatic.  Any lawyer who tells you this is not very familiar with the reality of personal injuries cases in Houston.

Instead, you want a lawyer who is honest and straightforward, who answers all your questions, and evaluates your case realistically. 

Don't ever assume a personal injury case in Texas is easy.  That is almost always never the case, especially in a case with significant and permanent injuries.  To maximize the fair value of your case, talk to a lawyer who knows personal injury law in Texas.

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