How concerned should I be about modern-day pirate attacks in the Caribbean?

While the waters of the Caribbean may not be quite as risky as the waters off the Horn of Africa, crews who travel through certain areas should still be vigilant. There have been an increasing number of reports of pirate activity in the Caribbean, and vessels should always look to official alerts and warning channels for information about current high-risk areas and activity.

In the last few years, most of the pirate activity in the area has been reported near the Paria Peninsula and on routes between Trinidad and Venezuela, although there have also been reports of criminal incidents near the Dominican Republic. Small, unguarded craft have been the most vulnerable to attack, but some larger vessels have also been targeted by pirates. If you must travel in these areas, it is important that you monitor warning channels and take appropriate precautions as the situation develops.

How risky is the Caribbean?

Although attacks may be less frequent in the Caribbean than in other areas, the attacks are no less violent. Pirates have assaulted, shot, and murdered crewmembers while boarding vessels, and armed robbery is common. It is important that vessel owners, operators, and crews plan ahead to avoid high-risk areas and deter pirate attacks in this increasingly dangerous area.

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