My son was badly hurt in an explosion at work. He’s going to mediate the case. What does this mean?

Mediation is often used to settle a case outside of the courtroom for jobsite accident cases.

Your son is going to attend mediation in hopes of settling his case. Mediation is a dispute resolution process that is frequently used in personal injury cases, jobsite accident cases, and many others.

How mediation works:

At mediation, the parties meet with a mediator. A mediator is a neutral entity that will work with the parties to see if they can resolve their dispute. Typically, each party meets for a joint session. They each may give brief presentations about their claims and arguments. Then, the parties settle into different conference rooms. The mediator bounces between the two rooms with proposals from each side. The mediator also weighs in on the merits of the case and other factors that the parties should consider. Sometimes, the mediator proposes alternative or creative suggestions about how to resolve the case.

If the parties reach a compromise, the mediator drafts a short settlement agreement, at which time both parties sign this agreement. Over the next few weeks, the parties’ attorneys will finalize the settlement agreement.

Judges frequently order parties to mediate before trial. But, parties may also voluntarily elect to mediate a matter. In some situations, parties may attempt mediation before a lawsuit is even filed. Doing so saves time and money if the dispute can be resolved.

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