The insurance company offered me a check for my property damage. Can I accept it without messing up my Texas injury claim?

Yes, you can accept the check – but be careful what you sign when you accept it.  Usually Texas auto insurance companies handle property damage claims separately from personal injury claims.  So, they may give you money for the damage to your personal property, and if you are satisfied with the amount then you can accept it and still pursue a personal injury claim.

However, and this is a big one – read VERY CAREFULLY the release that they ask you to sign along with that check.  You want to be sure that you are ONLY releasing the property damage claim when you sign, not both the property damage claim and the personal injury claim.

Concerned about your property damage claim, the check or release, or your personal injury claim?  Please don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced auto accident attorney.  Most will be happy to speak with you for no cost or obligation, and not only can you get some great free advice but you may also find somebody willing to help you with your claims. 

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