Is it necessary to hire an expert witness in a traffic accident case involving a semi-trailer?

Victims of a truck accident may benefit from the hiring of one or even two expert witnesses.

Probably, yes.

When a semi-trailer slams into a passenger car, the occupants of the passenger car may suffer terrible injuries or fatalities. These victims may incur huge medical bills and be forced to undergo medical treatments and rehabilitative therapy for months. Unfortunately, even if it is obvious to everyone involved that the truck driver was at fault, a trucking company may refuse to do the right thing. Instead of immediately offering to compensate the victims of the truck accident for their injuries, the trucking company may refuse to cooperate at all.

In those cases, the victims will likely have to hire an expert witness. They will need to retain an expert for several reasons. First of all, the expert will be able to provide important testimony at trial. The expert will explain to the jury how and why the accident happened. The expert will also explain how the victims were injured and how their lives will be affected by those injuries. (In some cases, multiple experts must be hired to explain these matters.)

Even if a case does not proceed all the way to trial, retaining an expert benefits the truck accident victims. The expert will be able to provide a written report of his findings. This report can be a helpful tool in negotiating with the trucking company. Often, a trucking company (or its insurer) needs to see an expert’s conclusions about the accident before it is willing to make a reasonable settlement offer.

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