Is it legal for Texas bus drivers to talk on the cell phone or text while driving?

The Houston bus accident attorney informs you that as of 2012 all commercial vehicle drivers are banned from using hand-held mobile devices while driving.

In 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted a new nationwide law that banned all commercial vehicle drivers from using hand-held mobile devices while driving, including talking on the cell phone, surfing the web, sending texts, or reading texts. This law includes commercial bus drivers. Commercial drivers are allowed to talk on a cell phone through a hands-free device.

If a bus driver is cited for cell phone use while driving, he or she could face serious consequences, especially after the first offense. In addition, the company that the bus driver works for may also be fined for a mobile device violation.

In addition, Texas has a state law that bans all school bus drivers from using cell phones or text messaging while transporting passengers under the age of 17. Cell phone use while driving is also banned in school zones for all drivers.

Though many states have banned texting and driving or talking on mobile devices while driving, Texas currently only has such laws for novice and commercial drivers.

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