I was injured while working at Rent-a-Center. Should I get worker’s compensation, or pursue legal action against the company?

Depending on the specifics of your injury, the answer could be worker’s comp, a lawsuit, or both. Firstly, your employer should provide worker’s compensation for injured employees. If your employer pays you regularly for your injury, alters the demands of your job until you are fully healed, and takes you back full-time when you are able to return to work, then you may not need to pursue a case against them.

However, companies are rarely so accommodating. If you have been denied funds that you are rightfully owed, there are many different ways you could seek compensation in your Rent-a-Center work injury case. For example, our attorneys can help if you:

  • Were denied worker’s compensation.
  • Unable to get worker’s compensation because the company didn’t offer it.
  • Were told that you would be fired if you filed an injury claim.
  • Got worker’s compensation, but had it revoked.
  • Were fired from your job after the injury.

Again, these are just examples. Every injury is different, and only you will know what your work accident has cost you. Luckily, the experienced Texas injury attorneys at VB Attorneys have experience helping injury victims who have been denied compensation from their employers, and then got payment for their medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost income.

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