I’m a truck driver who lost a limb while working for K&B Transportation. What kinds of costs will my employer pay for?

After you have suffered a terrible on-the-job-injury in Texas, you may be tempted to think that at least you won’t have to pay for the costs of your recovery. But the sad truth is, many employers will not pay for an employee’s injury unless they are forced to. 

For example, let’s say you were injured while hauling cargo because you were in a K&B Transportation semi crash with another vehicle. The company may try to deny your claim for a number of reasons, such as improper securing of the load, a parts malfunction that they had no control over, or even implying that you were at fault for the accident.

If this has happened to you, our Texas work accident attorneys can help you get compensation for:

  • Physical suffering. The loss of a limb is a complicated injury that requires extensive surgery and weeks of hospital recovery. Your employer can be held accountable for these costs, as well as physical rehabilitation.
  • Emotional suffering. These injuries are not only physically life-altering, they have mental and emotional effects that can greatly affect a victim’s recovery. Many people need therapy to cope with the drastic change in their life, but these treatments are expensive, and are usually not covered by standard insurance.
  • Quality of life. You know you won’t be able to earn a living while you’re in recovery, but what about your earning capacity in the future? With the help of ourboard-certified Texas injury attorneys, you can get compensation for your loss of income and a prosthetic device to increase your mobility.

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Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.