I suffered a SLAP tear in a Texas car accident. Should I bother hiring a lawyer, or is it a fairly minor injury?

If your insurance company told you that it wouldn’t be worth it to hire an attorney for a SLAP tear injury, they were probably trying to protect themselves. A SLAP tear, or a tear of the Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior, is a serious and painful injury to the shoulder joint that many people suffer as a result of bracing their hands against the steering wheel before a crash.

Here are just a few treatments that you could get compensated for by filing a shoulder injury case:

  • Arthroscopic surgery. Very few of these injuries are resolved without surgical intervention. During recovery, the arm will have to be kept immobile in order for the joint to heal.
  • Physical therapy. In order for the arm to regain mobility, a patient will often need to perform routine exercises to strengthen the shoulder.
  • Bed rest. While a victim may be able to walk or sit without pain, very few are able to return to work immediately. Many patients will suffer an extended loss of income as they are forced to remain inactive during healing.

How you recover from your SLAP tear will depend on how severe the injury is, and what your doctor recommends. Knowing that the insurance company doesn't want to have to pay out on any claim, it is a good idea to discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney early on, before you run out of time to file a lawsuit.

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