I broke my pelvis in a truck accident. What kind of settlement could I get?

The settlement amount you could receive after being hit by a truck depends on the severity of your injury. The pelvis is at the center of many bodily functions, and it’s not uncommon for a victim who has suffered a severe pelvic fracture to experience a range of complications as a result.

Here are just a few complications a broken pelvis can cause: 

  • Internal bleeding. When the pelvis is broken, bone fragments may tear into the soft tissues of the body, causing bleeds and internal organ damage. 
  • Reproductive problems. In addition to blood vessels, many muscles, nerve endings and reproductive organs run through the pelvis. Damage to the uterus or genitalia could make it impossible for a victim to have children.
  • Bladder problems. The bladder may be punctured by bone fragments, or rupture as a result of trauma. In many cases, the urethra may be damaged, making it difficult for patients to pass urine.
  • Bed rest. Patients will often have to be immobile for weeks to allow the bones to heal. But bed rest carries its own risks, such as deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia and bowel blockages as a result of being unable to move freely.

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