I broke my leg in a League City truck wreck. I shouldnt sue the trucking company because I only need a cast, right?

Not necessarily. Depending on the severity of the fracture, you could require much more treatment than a cast and pain medication—and you shouldn’t have to pay for it yourself.

Bone fractures in League City truck accidents occur when pressure, twisting or sudden impact is exerted on the bone. Injuries are usually classified by whether or not the shattered bone has broken the skin, called an open or closed fracture. Closed fractures may be seen as less serious, but can still be difficult to repair.

Broken bone injuries in League City can have many painful complications, including:

  • Improper healing, requiring additional rehabilitation and medical procedures
  • Screws, implants or metal plate surgery
  • A deep bone infection as a result of an open fracture
  • Hindering growth or normal development in children
  • Keeping the victim out of work for weeks or months at a time

Our League City truck accident lawyers know that injuries in these cases can range from one broken finger to multiple fractures that can require total immobility. No matter what the extent of your injury is, VB Attorneys will work to hold the trucking company responsible and get your medical costs covered.

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