How should I handle an aggressive driver in Texas?

It may seem like there are a lot of “crazy” drivers on the road. In our fast-paced world, people tend to go places as quickly as possible—and get furious at anyone who tries to get in their way.

If you are traveling near an aggressive driver, you should:

  • Stay away. Always give aggressive drivers plenty of space. If they want to pass you or are tailgating dangerously, always let them pass. 
  • Stay in your car. Many people have been harmed by road raging drivers. You never know what they might have in their car, so always stay in your vehicle. 
  • Drive to a public place. If an aggressive driver tries to follow you, do not go home. Instead, drive to a heavily populated area or to the nearest police station, and call 911 on the way.
  • Do not aggravate the driver. Gestures and yelling at the driver will only provoke them further. Even if their actions put you in danger, it’s always better to report them rather than confront them. 
  • Call 911. When you are a safe distance from the driver, call 911 to report their activity and license plate number to the police.

As drivers, we know it can be frustrating when you would like nothing better than for all drivers to respect and protect one another. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad decision to change a person’s life forever—leaving you a victim. Unable to do your job; pay your medical bills; and suffering painful, lifelong injuries, it is important you seek help after being hurt by an aggressive driver.

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