How much do you charge per hour for a Texas truck accident injury case?

At our firm, we believe that everyone should have access to an experienced truck injury attorney. That’s why we don’t ask for money from our clients, and we don’t charge by the hour. 

From your first consultation to your day in court, your contact with us is always free. 

Like all experienced injury attorneys, we work on a contingency-fee basis; in other words, we do not collect a fee if we don’t win your case. In addition, we will cover the costs of filing and any up-front costs related to your case.

Here are a few services that our attorneys will provide:

  • Consultation. Your initial consultation with our experienced Texas injury attorneys is FREE, whether you choose to retain us or not.
  • Expert witnesses. If you need expert testimony, we contact medical and machinery professionals to testify in your case.
  • Court costs. There are usually court fees and filing charges in any personal injury case, but we advance these costs and deduct them from your settlement.

So how do we get paid? After your case is won, your attorney receives a portion of your settlement. This way, you never have to pay any legal costs out-of-pocket, and you get an attorney who has to fight as hard as he can to get you justice in order to earn his fee. 

To get started with your FREE consultation, call us today at (877) 724-7800 or fill out a form on our site.

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