Should I hire a union-designated attorney after I’ve been hurt on the railroad?

The attorney you choose to turn to for help after a railroad injury can have a huge impact on the overall success of your claim and how well you understand your options. When you speak with the union after an injury, you may be given a list of union-designated attorneys to choose from, and any one of those attorneys may be qualified and able to help you with your claim. However, you should know that you are not obligated to work with a union-designated attorney after an injury, and you do have the right to work with an attorney of your own choosing. In fact, there are many times when it might be in your best interest to choose a non-designated attorney who has more experience with injury claims under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) and a strong reputation for success.

The Attorney You Choose to Worth With Can Make or Break Your Railroad Injury Case

It is a good idea to think about working with an attorney who can help you collect compensation for a railway injury. However, successfully resolving complex FELA claims for their full worth often involves an intimate knowledge of a special area of law, and not every attorney is prepared to handle these kinds of claims. This is why it’s important to look for someone who has:

  • Experience handling numerous claims for railroad injuries
  • A history of success in maximizing and resolving these claims for injured workers
  • The resources and skills needed to build a strong case for compensation
  • The ability to explain complex legal concepts and the impact of choices in simple, understandable language

Union Designation Doesn’t Automatically Equal Experience and Success

A union designation doesn’t necessarily mean that an attorney is exceptionally qualified in a particular area of law. The designation only means that the attorney has been chosen by the union to represent members. While many of these attorneys may have extensive experience with railroad claims, these qualities aren’t guaranteed by the union designation. And even though an attorney might have extensive experience with railroad clients, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she has been able to truly maximize workers’ claims or navigate difficult legal circumstances. Ultimately, experience and reputation can have more of an impact on your case than whether or not an attorney has been designated by the union.  

You have choices after you’ve been hurt by a rail company’s negligence, but it’s up to you to get informed about those choices. For more answers to your questions, or to schedule a free case review with our experienced attorneys, reach out to our Houston office today by phone or live chat.


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