If I am hurt or taken hostage in a pirate attack while sailing near Somalia as part of my work, can I hold my employer responsible?

If you have been hurt in a pirate attack off the coast of Somalia, it may be possible to hold your employer, the ship owner, or the ship operator responsible. Although these attacks on commercial vessels and rigs are fairly common and put crews at risk, employers often fail to adequately protect their vessels—leaving their employees to both literally and metaphorically foot the bill for the company’s negligent actions.

Employer Responsibility for the Safety of Their Crews in High-Risk Areas

Whether it means providing safe work equipment, maintaining commercial vessels, or taking steps to deter pirate attacks, your employer has a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure your safety while you’re at work. If you can prove that your employer failed to take reasonable measures to protect you in the event of a pirate attack in a known high-risk area like Somalia, then you may be able to hold your employer responsible by pursuing an injury claim—but you will likely need legal guidance to be successful.

If you have been injured in a pirate attack, don’t wait until it’s too late to get legal help with your claim. Our attorneys have a long history of working with injured seaman and their families, and we’re here to answer your questions and explain your rights after an accident or attack. To learn more in a free, no-obligation case review, please reach out to us today at 877-724-7800.

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