Can I sue my employer for pain and suffering after what I and my family went through when my ship was attacked by pirates?

Pirate attacks are very different than the usual work hazards, such as a loose cord or slippery walkways, and surviving a violent attack and potential hostage situation generally takes a big emotional toll on both the crewmembers involved and their families. On top of the pain of their physical injuries, crewmembers often suffer a bigger hurt than the sum of their medical bills, and families are sometimes waiting in fear for days or weeks after a ship is attacked or a loved one is taken hostage. It seems only natural, then, that you should be able to pursue compensation for that hurt from the employer who sent the crew into a dangerous situation without adequate protection.

While pirate attacks may be a different kind of work injury at sea, they do share some similarities when it comes to the injury claim against your employer. Although it’s not guaranteed in every case, and much depends on the specific details of what happened to you, injured workers and their families are sometimes able to recover compensation for their medical bills, time away from work, additional expenses, and the pain and suffering they have been put through by a negligent company.

However, it will be up to you and your attorney to provide evidence and “prove” your claim of additional pain and suffering. The evidence you will need to pursue maximum compensation in your case should not be underestimated, and you will benefit greatly from having an attorney experienced in pirate attack claims at your side.

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