I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome over time at my railroad job. How are time limits determined for filing a claim if my railroad injury was repetitive or cumulative in nature?

If you’ve been injured in a single accident or sudden event at work, it’s easy to determine the time limits that apply in your case. But what if your railroad injury was the result of cumulative damage and stress over time? In these cases, it is much more difficult to determine how long you have to file a claim—but, if you are concerned about a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s extremely important that you find out.

While, normally, the time limit to file a railroad injury claim is three years from the date of the injury, this generally guideline isn’t helpful when you’re talking about an injury that occurred slowly over a period of time. In these kinds of cases, you have three years from the date you “should have known” about the injury, but that specific date may be difficult to determine.

If you suspect that your carpal tunnel syndrome might be a result of the stress put on your body as a part of your job, the easiest way to determine how long you have to file a claim is to reach out to an experienced attorney. An attorney can walk you through what you need to know about time limits during a railroad injury claim, explain your rights, and thoroughly evaluate your individual claim. 

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