Are Texas School Buses Required To Have Seat Belts?

In Texas, all school buses purchased after 2010 must be equipped with seat belts for passengers. All charter buses, tour buses, and motorcoach buses used by schools must be equipped with seat belts after September 2014.

This bill was passed in Texas and signed by Governor Rick Perry in 2007. The law came just a year after a school bus drove off of an overpass and fell 30 feet, killing two West Brook High School students and injuring a number of others. Many in the small town believe that lives would have been saved had the teens been wearing seat belts.

There is still a debate regarding whether or not school buses are significantly safer when outfitted with seat belts. Some argue that requiring seat belts is expensive, especially considering that school bus accident injury rates are very low compared with other vehicles. Others say that school bus seat belts could actually cause neck and back injuries due to the varying sizes of school children. Still others believe that seat belts will simply save kids’ lives when it comes to tip over and rollover accidents.

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