United Van Lines settles case brought by deceased woman’s family

United Van Lines truck - image source delaney moving and storageDonna was driving a Dodge Neon northbound on Interstate 45 in Houston, Texas when an 18-wheeler struck the rear of the Dodge, causing it to spin out of control and hit a concrete barrier. Donna sustained fatal injuries in the crash. The driver of the 18-wheeler was employed by United Van Lines

The surviving family members hired VB Attorneys to handle their 18-wheeler death case against United Van Lines. VB lawyers filed the case in Nueces County, Texas, where the headquarters of K.C. Salley Van & Storage Co., Inc. are located. K.C. Salley Van & Storage was involved with United Van Lines in the operation of the 18-wheeler that was involved in the accident.

The company lawyers initially tried to move the case out of Nueces County, to Harris County. VB attorneys filed motions opposing this and won, so the case remained in Nueces County.

VB attorneys developed the case against United Van Lines, K.C. Salley Van & Storage, and the 18-wheeler driver, during which it was determined that the companies and their driver violated many of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that they were supposed to be following. VB lawyers negotiated a confidential settlement of the family's 18-wheeler death case shortly before the scheduled trial date.

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