Tugboat Injury Lawsuit Involving Neck Surgery is Settled against DG Marine Transportation

Gary worked as a deckhand aboard a tugboat for DG Marine Transportation. Gary was using a grinder to perform work aboard the company's tugboat, Natalie Alexander, when the grinder violently kicked back and smashed Gary's face, snapping his neck back. Gary was rushed to the hospital that day and soon ended up having some reconstructive surgery on his face. Gary also hurt his neck and his orthopedic doctor diagnosed him with a herniated disc in his neck, for which Gary ultimately underwent a neck fusion surgery.

DG Marine Transportation paid some of Gary's initial medical bills, but when the doctors began diagnosing a more serious injury and when the medical bills began piling up, the company stopped paying the bills and essentially cut Gary off from all benefits.

Gary hired our maritime law firm to help him. We filed Gary's Tugboat Injury Jones Act Lawsuit in Harris County, Texas. We included allegations that DG Marine was negligent because the grinder it provided Gary was defective in that it lacked a side handle as well as a safety shield. We also included allegations that Gary was a Jones Act Seaman, and was therefore entitled to the no-fault benefits of maintenance and cure.

The company hired lawyers and denied all of the allegations. Our attorneys went out and took the deposition testimony of several of Gary's crew members. In doing so, our law firm was able to establish that DG Marine was negligent, that its tugboat Natalie Alexander was unseaworthy, and that these problems caused Gary to get hurt.

Our lawyers also proved Gary's damages. Through obtaining medical documents and physician testimony, we proved Gary's claim for medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

We settled this Jones Act lawsuit the day before trial was set to begin, for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement

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