Tugboat accident lawsuit settled by Galveston Texas attorney

An AB Seaman employed by G&H Towing was injured while handling the lines of a tugboat. The Seaman was required to handle two tangled lines at the same time, by himself, and primarily injured his groin. The Seaman had groin surgery a couple of weeks after the incident.

After the surgery, the company was being very vague about what it would do to support the Seaman's family while he was off of work, per his doctor's orders. After much back and forth with the company, the Seaman and his wife were left with many unanswered questions, many of which concerned what benefits they were entitled to under the Jones Act Maintenance and Cure rules.

At this point, the family hired VB Attorneys. We filed a Maritime Jones Act Lawsuit on their behalf in Galveston, Texas. We developed documentary evidence and took several important depositions. In doing so, we established the tugboat was not seaworthy, and we established the company's Jones Act negligence caused the Seaman's injury.

Turning to the injuries, we obtained the testimony of the Seaman's doctors, as well as the testimony of the company doctors, in proving the extent of injury, including Jones Act lost wages.

Notably, we were able to negotiate an arrangement by which the company continued to pay 2/3 of the Seaman's normal wages, and paid for his health insurance, while he was off work and while his lawsuit against the company was pending.  

If you are interested in true client stories concerning the issue of Maritime "Blackballing," you will be interested to know that our client in this tugboat injury case was not black balled or black listed.

$300,000 settlement; $120,000 attorney fee; $20,000 expenses

Brian Beckcom
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