Super Lopez Tortilla Factory Found 100% Negligent In Lawsuit

Super Lopez tortilla machine that severed our client's fingerOn April 14, 2005, our client was operating a tortilla-making machine at the Super Lopez Tortilla Factory in Houston. In the process of cleaning the machine, she reached into it while it was running, and her right index finger was severed by a moving chain. The factory did not provide workers' compensation insurance for its employees.

Our client turned to Vuk Vujasinovic for help getting a fair recover. Her lawsuit against Super Lopez Food Products claimed damages due to unsafe work practices, including the failure to install an adequate guard device on the machine. The company denied it was negligent and claimed our client was fully responsible for her injuries.

The jury disagreed with the company. It found Super Lopez 100 percent negligent and awarded damages of $58,966 to our client.

Post-judgement interest raised the verdict to $76,620.65. 

$76,620.65 Verdict; attorneys' fees were $30,648.26 and expenses were $13,494.14.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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