Offshore worker severely injured while throwing tree trunks off rig

VB's client, Jorge, was working on a rig off the coast of New Orleans when he injured his lower back. His supervisor had tasked him with moving large tree trunks off of the rig. He was told to do it on his own, without assistance from other crew members, moving equipment, or safety harnesses.

While moving a tree trunk, Jorge felt a sharp pain in his lower back. He reported the injury to his supervisor immediately and was told to sit down and rest his back, that he didn't need to see a doctor. He did as he was told, staying on the rig for three days after the injury before the pain became unbearable and he was finally sent ashore.
rigt at night
After seeing an orthopedic doctor for his low back injury, Jorge underwent intense physical therapy. Following the orthopedic doctor's instructions and treatment, Jorge was cleared to go back to work after only four months of being off work.

Jorge immediately found another job in the maritime industry after he was medically released back to work.

This unfair treatment by companies happens every day to honest & hard-working people who have been severely injured while on the job. If you have had this happen to you and you would like the help of experienced maritime accident attorneys, contact us.  


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