Marine Response Corporation Jones Act lawsuit settled by VB

Deep Blue Responder

An AB Seaman from Florida hired our law firm after he injured his knee while on the job with Marine Spill Response Corporation. The incident occurred aboard a pollution control vessel called the Virginia Responder (this vessel is now the Deep Blue Responder).  

The seaman was sanding the bulkhead while standing on a step ladder as the vessel was underway, and fell off the ladder. The captain required the seaman to do the job this way, and it was common practice on this vessel for the crew members to use ladders as the vessel was underway.  

The seaman underwent surgery to his knee about a year after the incident.

We filed a deckhand injury lawsuit on behalf of our client here in Harris County, Texas. The case was filed under the Jones Act. We collected all of the medical records and interviewed the doctors. We took several depositions of other crew members, including the captain and the mate.

We negotiated the case at a mediation and settled it for a confidential amount at mediation.  

Confidential Settlement

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