Jack up rig injury lawsuit against Superior Energy Services settled by our attorneys

Michael worked as the Chief Engineer aboard the Superior Champion jack up rig for Superior Energy Services. When the rig was offshore the coast of Mississippi, Michael was working when defective equipment caused him to fall to the deck. Michael injured his back and ankle in the fall.

Superior Energy paid for some of Michael's up front medical care, but when the medical treatment started to become complicated and expensive, the company started cutting corners. For example, Superior Energy asked Michael to start running his medical bills through health insurance, rather than paying it directly like it is required under the maintenance and cure laws. Ultimately, Michael decided he had enough of the company's games and he hired us.

The company stopped paying Michael any maintenance, but fortunately, we were able to help him replace his prior salary with disability insurance payments. This allowed Michael to get by while we worked on his offshore injury lawsuit.

We filed Michael's Jones Act lawsuit here in Houston, Texas, where Superior Energy is based. We worked up the case and settled it for a very favorable amount less than nine months after Michael hired us.

Confidential Settlement

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