Houston work accident lawsuit settled against Hoyer Global

Scene of the accident at Hoyer Global

Tanker cleaning area at Hoyer Global where our client was injured.

A company in Pasadena, Texas sent one of its tanker-trailers to Hoyer Global to be cleaned. This tanker was used to transport sulphuric acid. Hoyer Global worked on the tanker and returned it to the company, along with a "Certificate of Cleanliness" indicating it had cleaned the tanker.

An employee of the company that owned the tanker, VB law firm's client, was working on the tanker after Hoyer Global indicated it was cleaned. As he was doing so, the tanker released some sulphuric acid into both of his eyes. 

VB's client suffered a serious eye injury and underwent several eye surgeries. He was ultimately diagnosed with permanent blindness in one eye and permanent partial blindness in the other eye.

VB's Houston Work Injury Attorneys filed the client's work accident lawsuit against Hoyer Global in Harris County, Texas, because the company failed to clean the sulphuric acid out of the tanker as it said it had. This kind of case is called a "third party" lawsuit

The injured worker had several hundred thousand dollars in medical bills. VB Attorneys obtained a report from an expert life care planner indicating the need for future medical care into the seven figures. Further, VB's client was deemed totally and permanently disabled from all future employed due to his eye injuries.

Hoyer Global and its attorneys fought the case very hard, denying that this work accident was their fault. VB lawyers retained work safety experts, and took over twenty depositions in the case, on the issue of both liability and damages.

VB's Work Accident Lawyers settled the case for a confidential amount during a second mediation. VB's client was extremely pleased with the result and will receive monthly payments for the rest of his life through a structured annuity.

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Confidential Settlement

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