Houston Offshore Welder Obtains Settlement One Day Before Trial; lifting heavy equipment; groin injury; hernia

Artemio Gonzalez, a Jones Act seaman and offshore welder, recently obtained a settlement for a hernia injury he suffered while working on a lift barge, the DB William KALLOP, owned and operated by Offshore Specialty Fabricators, Inc. ("OSFI"). 

Mr. Gonzalez was contracted as an offshore welder to work on the KALLOP by ACP, a Louisana-based contracting company. Mr. Gonzalez was picking up 100 feet of welding leads when he felt sharp pains in his groin area. He reported the incident to the rig medic. He was taken off the vessel a few days later and received treatment at the emergency room. He was diagnosed with a double hernia.

OSFI and ACP claimed that Mr. Gonzalez's injury were 100% his own fault. Mr. Gonzalez brought suit under the Jones Act and General Maritime Law against ACP and OSFI. Mr. Gonzalez claimed that the OSFI supervisor yelled at screamed at the workers, including him, to work faster, and that he was unable to find assistance to help him lift the heavy welding leads. He also claimed that there were no mechanical lifting aids available and the leads were too heavy to lift without mechanical assistance.

On the Sunday before a Monday trial setting, OSFI and ACP, through their insurance companies, agreed to pay to settle all of Mr. Gonzalez's claims against them.

Mr. Gonzalez was represented by Brian Beckcom at VB Attorneys in Houston, Texas.

Judge Mark Davidson of the 11th Judicial District Court, Harris County, Houston, Texas presided over the case.


$225,000 Settlement

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