Dive accident lawyers settle lawsuit involving hernia diving injury

Mike worked as a diver for Tiburon Divers. Mike was diving and performing work on an offshore rig that had collapsed during Hurricane Ike. While doing this job to the best of his ability and with limited help and defective tools, Mike injured his groin. Mike ended up needing a hernia surgery, which caused him to miss a significant amount of time from work. Because Mike, as many divers, made a significant income, this resulted in a very significant lost wage claim--for past wages as well as future wages.

Mike hired our law firm to handle his dive injury lawsuit. We filed Mike's lawsuit in Nueces County, Texas. Because Mike worked as an offshore diver, we claimed him to have the status of a Jones Act Seaman. We included allegations that Mike's Jones Act Employer, Tiburon Divers, was negligent and responsible for Mike's injury because the company did not provide Mike any assistance in doing this particularly difficult job, and because the company did not provide him with the proper tools to do the job safely. We also included a claim for Mike for maintenance and cure, which are no-fault benefits any injured Jones Act Seaman is entitled to receive.

The company hired lawyers to defend Mike's lawsuit. The company filed various motions, seeking rulings from the court to throw the case out, and rulings that Mike was not a Jones Act seaman. Our Jones Act Attorneys filed detailed responses to all of these motions, and none of the motions were granted.

Our lawyers took several depositions of company witnesses, and obtained information supporting Mike's claim of negligence and for maintenance and cure. We proved Mike's injuries largely through ordering his medical and billing records, and talking to his doctors.

Our law firm settled the case at mediation for a confidential amount. Mike was very pleased with the results we achieved for him.

Confidential Settlement

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