Deckhand Wins Knee Injury Lawsuit Against Company - Confidential Settlement


Our client Shane was trying to make a better living for his family. He saw that working on the water gave him the best chance to do so. Shane started work as a deckhand on a boat pushing barges. Popular Mechanics: Tugboat photo

He was excited that he had finally found a job that he loved and could provide for his children. Unfortunately, the company Shane worked for wanted to cut corners on safety policies. Cutting corners meant that they ordered him to jump from the boat to the barge without using a ladder in the dead of night.

Shane followed these orders until one night, as he made the jump and landed on the barge, he severely injured his knee. The other crew members knew right away that Shane was injured and immediately sought medical care.

Shane's company sent him to one of their doctors. When their doctor said that Shane's knee was badly injured, the company did not like that opinion from their own doctor. They sent Shane to a second doctor, who said Shane's knee was fine.

Finally, Shane was referred to a board certified orthopedic surgeon who agreed with the first company doctor. Shane's knee was severely injured and he needed to operate on the knee.

Curtis Bickers, board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, was able to recover a confidential settlement for Shane. This settlement covered his medical bills, his lost wages during the time he struggled to support his children when he couldn't work, and the pain and suffering he endured during the time the company he worked for kept sending him to different doctors.

Shane is back to work and able now to take care of his loved ones.

This unfair treatment by companies happens every day to honest & hard-working people who have been severely injured while on the job. If you have had this happen to you and you would like the help of experienced maritime accident attorneys, contact us.

Confidential Settlement

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