Blasting supervisor settles Jones Act case for injury while working on a spar

VB's client, Byron, was a relief supervisor for his company. He would oversee crews and make sure the blasting and painting his crews were performing was being done in a safe manner.

In 2009, Byron was working on a leg of a spar that was undergoing significant maintenance. As Byron was painting, other maintenance crews above him were being rushed by the project manager. In order to finish the job quickly, corners were cut, and one of the crews not under Byron's supervision did not follow proper safety procedures and dropped a large air compressor. It fell at least twenty feet. Unfortunately, Byron was on one of the 
spar legs beneath the air compressor, and the compressor came crashing down on his shoulder.

Emergency rescue crews had to assist Byron off of the spar because his injuries were severe. A medic performed a physical exam on Byron and quickly determined that Byron had to be air-
lifted off the spar and taken to a clinic.

After seeing many doctors, who were referred by the company, Byron finally underwent shoulder surgery to repair the damage. Unfortunately, the first surgery performed by the company doctor did not heal the damage and Byron had to undergo another surgery. Following the second surgery, Byron underwent painful physical therapy for months. When the company doctor told Byron that he would have permanent restrictions for life and would not be able to work offshore, Byron was scared about his future and how he would provide for his new wife so he contacted Curtis Bickers, an experienced attorney in maritime cases.

When the company refused to take responsibility for the injuries that changed Byron's life forever, a lawsuit was filed. During the discovery process of the lawsuit, the company tried to blame Byron for his injuries by claiming he should have seen the compressor being yanked and got out of the way. The company continued to take the position that the injury was Byron's fault even in a mediation, which resulted in the case not settling during that 
mediation. With a jury trial coming up, the company offered more money and the case settled for a confidential amount. 

Confidential Settlement

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