Affirmative Insurance company settles car accident suit brought by 98-Year-Old

affirmative insurance services Say you've made it to 98 and a half years old. You're still active. You mow your own lawn, you take care of your house, you run errands, you're active in your community, and you hang out with your friends. That's pretty impressive.

One day, while out to lunch with a friend, your friend's car gets hit by someone in a commercial truck running a red light. You are banged up pretty badly. You can no longer walk without a walker and you have to hire a caretaker because you're no longer able to take care of everything yourself.

It gets worse. At 98 and a half, our client was being harassed by the defendant's insurance company. Their client and his company were apparently unable to be contacted. The insurance company was refusing to pay for our client's medical bills and post-accident expenses. She needed help.

Her friend, who is a former VB client, referred her to us. She hired Curtis Bickers to represent her. Within six months of hiring Curtis, we were able to get the insurance company to pay for her medical expenses, fees, and compensation for her injuries.

While Curtis and his awesome team couldn't perform medical miracles, she still needs a walker and a caretaker, Curtis was able to get the insurance company to do their job and compensate her for her injuries.

Confidential Settlement

Curtis Bickers
Personal Injury Attorney