The IKEA Dresser Recall: What You Need to Know if Your Child Has Been Hurt By a Dangerous Dresser

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Why 29 Million IKEA Chests and Dressers are Being Recalled

Since 1989, 6 children have died in tip-over accidents caused by the company’s unsafe designs. Tens of thousands of people are injured by tip-over accidents in the US every year.  As you can see in the video, safety experts tested the IKEA design and found it to be very unsafe.

The recall has occurred because 3 of the 6 deaths happened in the past two years.

On May 6, 2016, Fortune published an article titled: “IKEA Is Still Selling a Dresser Cited in the Deaths of Three Toddlers. Here's Why.” The article details how the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) gave IKEA a pass with the dresser recall, as far back as 2015. Instead of going through the hoops of issuing a mandatory recall, they allowed the company to rename the recall as a repair. Fortune goes on to say that even if the CPSC had issued a recall in 2015, the news would have only reached 15-30% of affected consumers.

In short, it is complicated to recall products in the United States, the companies are heavily involved in how the recall is handled, and a vast majority of affected consumers never know about the recall.

For three Democratic Senators, enough was enough. On May 10, 2016, just months after the third death since 2014 occurred, they asked for the CPSC to:

“(1) conduct a full recall of Malm dressers that specifically uses the term “recall” in notices to consumers, (2) stop the sale of Malm dressers until safety improvements are made, and (3) determine an appropriate remedy for consumers who have purchased Malm dressers that includes offering a full refund. The CPSC should also consider whether similar actions are appropriate for the other types of IKEA dressers.”

Their letter points out the unusual language change in the 2015 “repair” notice and goes on to say by May 2016, the Malm was widely known as defective and had been shown not to meet basic safety standards.

Why are safety standards voluntary and not required in the US?

The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) created a set of design standards to ensure the safety of dressers being sold to the American public, however these rules are not mandatory and not enforceable by the US Government. Why not? Well, it turns out that not all ASTM standards are voluntary - every toy sold in the US must meet ASTM standards. Congress could pass legislation that makes the ASTM dresser safety standards enforceable, they have chosen not to.

Voluntary safety standards and ineffective recall systems do not make us safe.

It took 3 toddlers deaths’ for IKEA to take action. Just because the government’s response is ineffective doesn’t mean yours has to be. If your child has been injured by an IKEA dresser that tipped over, don’t wait to act.

Hold IKEA responsible for knowingly manufacturing and selling dressers that endanger millions of people.

What You Can do if Your Child has Been Hurt by a Defective IKEA Dresser

You have the right to file a defective product lawsuit against IKEA if your child was injured in a tip-over accident with an IKEA dresser. Even if you did everything right, you received the repair notice in 2015, received a wall-mounting kit, or installed the wall-mounting kit, experts are saying the dressers could still fall over and injure people. If you followed all the instructions and your dresser still fell on top of your child, speak with an experienced defective product attorney right away.

IKEA sold you a product they knew was defective, they knew needed more than a simple wall-mounting kit to prevent tip-overs, and knowingly put your child in danger. 

While the recall process is difficult, your right to pursue a defective product case against a corporation isn't nearly as tough. If your child has been injured because one of the defective IKEA dressers tipped over onto them, you have the right to hold IKEA accountable for knowingly selling you a dangerous product.

Contact our firm today to speak with our attorneys about your case. Our attorneys will walk you through the process of what will happen if you file a defective products claim against IKEA for your child's injuries and answer all of your questions. It is free, 100% confidential, and you aren't required to hire us if you talk to us. Call us toll-free at 877-724-7800 or fill out the contact form.

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