What Are The Effects Of Multiple Concussions In Sports?

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If you are a part of a sport, like football, and you are experiencing multiple concussions, you are in serious danger.

A blow to the head or even an abrupt stop in the movement of the head, like a rough tackle, can cause a concussion. After multiple tackles, even if your head doesn’t touch, you can receive a brain injury.

Think of your car and your seat belt, for example. If you are driving 80 miles an hour and you hit the brakes suddenly, think of what happens to the objects inside. They fly forward. Even though your car sustained no impact, the precious things inside have been affected. Your brain reacts exactly the same way.

Recent studies into repetitive concussive injuries indicate that these effects can lead to the development of protein tangles known as TAU, which are associated with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Each time the brain gets a concussive injury, the nerve fibers tear and stretch. When this happens multiple times, eventually a person’s ability to return to normal disappears and the symptoms exist for longer periods of time.

If someone is losing consciousness each time they have a concussion, the danger becomes more evolved, due to the physical symptoms that would create more medical attention.

During the sporting season, it is important for your family to be aware of such conditions. Visit our website for more free information that can help you answer your questions. V&B knows how easy it is to forget, which is why we want you to arm yourself with knowledge! 

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