USF Holland drivers at risk for work injuries

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Texas is home to many trucking and freight companies, including companies that operate across the United States and around the world. While many Texas residents make their livings driving for major companies like USF Holland and others, these jobs—like any other job—also come with certain risks of injury. Like other trucking companies, USF Holland is held to a number of strict safety laws and industry regulations meant to protect employees and the public. However, the reality is that, despite these rules, truckers are still sometimes hurt on the clock and may have rights when an accident happens. 

How USF Holland drivers are injured on the job

Each type of job comes with its own risks, and trucking is no exception. Drivers for USF Holland and other major trucking employers may be especially vulnerable to:

  • Highway accidents. USF Holland employs more than four thousand drivers, and those drivers travel more than 280 million miles every year. With that many drivers and trucks on the highway, accidents are a serious concern—both for employees and for the other drivers they share the road with. The risk is multiplied when truckers don’t get their legally mandated breaks or are under pressure to make their deliveries faster.  
  • Cumulative and repetitive stress injuries. Any trucker who has been in the business for a while can tell you that driving a truck can take a toll on the body. Long hours in the same position, repetitive motions and movements, constant vibration, and other issues can contribute to serious and painful injuries over the long term. When employers don’t take steps to make sure their drivers are protected from repetitive strains and cumulative injuries, drivers are even more vulnerable.
  • Other work injuries. Sometimes, sudden accidents happen at work, even when a driver isn’t on the road. Truckers are sometimes hurt while lifting, loading, walking in slippery areas, or working around other trucks and equipment. Although driving may be the majority of their job, truckers may still seek compensation for their injuries when they happen outside the truck.

When an accident or injury does happen, truck drivers who have been hurt on the job share the same rights as many other workers in Texas. They may be able to file for workers’ compensation or file a claim of negligence against their employers, depending on the circumstances of their injuries. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always as simple as it should be, and too many drivers run into trouble with their employers after they’ve been hurt.

Why it may be difficult to pursue an injury claim against USF Holland

USF Holland is a huge company with thousands of employees and thousands of trucks on the road. It has been in business for more than 80 years, and your work injury claim isn’t the first one they’ve dealt with, by far. When an employee is hurt or an accident happens, companies and their insurance companies will immediately take action to avoid monetary losses and damage to the brand, and injured employees often get the “short end of the stick.” Companies of this size and volume are typically very prepared to protect themselves against claims of injury or wrongdoing, and they often have teams of lawyers dedicated to doing just that. This puts an individual trucker at a huge disadvantage.

Sadly, even after they’ve been seriously hurt, employees can’t always rely on getting the kinds of information they need about their rights from their employers and supervisors. The pressure is often on the injured workers to dig for answers on their own, while the employer’s insurance company may be working against them. From reporting the injury to receiving compensation, truckers may face a lot of obstacles and problems while they are still recovering and in pain, and it could cost them the compensation they deserve for the medical bills, pain, and lost wages.

Truckers need to understand their rights after they are hurt at work

Any time you are hurt at work, it’s important to look into your rights. While some employees may qualify for workers’ compensation, other workers may not. However, even if you are not a traditional employee or are working for a “non-subscriber” employer, workers do have rights when an employer’s negligence has contributed to a serious work accident. VB Attorneys has helped workers across Texas get the compensation they deserve after a work accident, and we have experience holding even large, national employers responsible for work accidents. To learn more, take a look at some of our case results on behalf of injured workers:

If you have been hurt while working for USF Holland or another trucking company, you may be able to legally pursue compensation for your injuries. However, before you make any decisions or sign any paperwork, you should take the time to investigate your rights and your injury with an experienced attorney of your own choosing. For more information and a free case review, contact VB Attorneys at 1-877-724-7800.


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