Have You Been Seriously Injured in a Construction Accident?

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construction siteSuffering an injury while on the job can still occur even after taking all the precautions to be safe. Wearing the right safety equipment can prevent injuries but even then, injuries happen. And they happen when you least expect them. Tens of thousands of construction workers are injured on the job each year, and on average over 1,000 workers die in construction-related deaths.

Suffering an injury while on the job can still occur even after taking all the safety precautions. Wearing the right safety equipment can prevent injuries but even then, injuries do occur and they occur unexpectedly. If you have been seriously injured in a construction accident or are confused on what to do next, contact VB Attorneys.  Our lawyers specify in injury cases such as:

  • Falls

  • Burns

  • Explosions

  • Electric shocks

  • Scaffolding Falls  

  • Crane accidents

  • Defective machinery

  • Equipment related accidents

  • Building collapses respiratory diseases

  • Falling materials, such as rock or brick, scaffolds, pipes

What to do when you are injured in a construction accident?

Ask yourself, who is at fault?  Finding out who is at fault can be difficult especially when many companies are involved. Most construction sites have multiple companies working on the project. Companies try to avoid taking responsibility for your injuries because they don't want to have to compensate you for your pain and suffering. Instead of doing the right thing, they deny your claim, blame other companies, or even blame you for your injuries. Finding out who is at fault is the first step to take, and then you need to hold the responsible company or companies accountable. Getting the company to take responsibility often requires filing a lawsuit and exposing their unsafe practices in court. 

Injured construction workers may be eligible for workers' compensation coverage while they recuperate, depending on the company they work for and who is responsible for their injuries. If a third party - a company other than your employer - is responsible for your injuries, you can file a lawsuit against the third party. Third party lawsuits are often more valuable than worker's compensation claims as you are able to sue for lost wages, medical bills, future medical care, pain and suffering, and in some cases you can also sue for negligence. You may have a defective products case aganst the manufacturer of equipment if the accident was caused by a defective piece of equipment. 

Finding out what type of case you have is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve.  When you talk to our attorneys about your case, we will determine what type of claim you have, start an investigation, and identify who is responsible for your injuries.

What if the company violated OSHA rules?

With the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. OSHA rules are in place to protect workers, but that doesn't mean companies always follow them. If you were injured because your company ignored OSHA's safety rules or if you lost a loved one because the company didn't follow OSHA safety rules, you deserve to hold them accountable. 

One example of the consequences of violating OSHA safety laws is a plant explosion case we handled. On February 8, 2011 an explosion occurred at a natural gas storage facility in Southeast Texas, injuring dozens of workers. 43 of the construction and refinery workers hired VB Attorneys to help them get the medical care they needed to recover from their injuries and to hold the responsible companies accountable. Multiple companies had employees at the site, which was owned by Enterprise.

OSHA obtained a warrant to investigate the explosion. OSHA found that Turner Company failed to give its employees the proper instruction and failed to supervise them properly. OSHA also found that Enterprise did not give workers the correct procedure to follow so that they could avoid overstressing the pipe that ultimately exploded. Based on OSHA's findings and our own independent investigation, our lawyers proved that the company had not taken measures to protect the workers even though there had previously been two accidents in the same area. 

Many fatalities occur at construction sites which result in a serious injury or death.  As a construction worker, you are protected by state and federal workplace safety rules and regulations.  If you have been injured on a construction site, it’s important to contact an attorney to help with your injury claim.  

What damages can an attorney help you recover?

  • Loss of Wages

  • Medical Expenses

  • Counseling Costs

  • Physical Therapy 

  • Property Damage

  • Mortgage and Rent

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of consortium for widows or widowers 

If you have been injured in a construction accident and believe you have a claim for your injuries, our attorneys may be able to help you. Give us a call at 877-724-7800 now. We will answer all of your questions, help you understand your legal rights, and help you decide what your next steps should be.

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