About VB Attorneys

VB Attorneys is a law firm based in Houston, Texas. We help people who have been injured by a person or corporation's negligence. We help people fighting insurance companies. We help people who have lost loved ones due to an injury, a defective or dangerous product, or negligence. We help people. That is our mission.

We specialize in personal injury trial law. We take pride in our professionalism and experience. And we put our clients first. Behind every successful outcome is a person. A person who needed us to fight for them. That's why we do not – and cannot – accept every single case. You deserve to get the time and attention your case deserves. Our clients are never a number on a file to us.

We care about our clients' recovery and success. We care about your future. That's why we approach our cases differently, too. Every attorney, paralegal, and member of our team works on your case. This way, you benefit from the knowledge and resources of our entire firm. Whether you are facing an insurance company, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a negligent person, a small business, or a multi-national corporation, VB Attorneys has the experience, track record, and national reputation you need to win your case.

We're the law firm that puts clients first

Vuk Vujasinovic & Brian Beckcom started VB Attorneys in 2003 with one paralegal in a small office in Downtown Houston. Their goal at the time was to build a first-class, nationally recognized law firm that would focus all of its efforts on winning their clients’ cases and providing individual attention to each and every client. Almost 15 years later, the firm has more than tripled in size and has gained a national and international reputation for handling complex, high stakes legal cases on behalf of individuals, families, and small businesses.

Vuk and Brian and their team have handled some of the most complex and noteworthy legal cases in the United States over the past decade, including representing half the crew of the Maersk Alabama after the ship was attacked by Somali pirates, obtaining a record-setting $17,000,000.00 verdict on behalf of an ironworker who drowned in the Brazos River while working the construction of the Baylor football stadium, and obtaining million and multi-million dollar settlements in a wide variety of personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance-related lawsuits.

The firm has three Board Certified lawyers (only 2% of lawyers in Texas are board certified) and five lawyers who have been chosen as Super Lawyers or Rising Stars by the prestigious Super Lawyers publication.

Whether you live in Houston, Texas, or anywhere in the United States, the VB Attorneys team is here to help you.

Meet Our Team

Vuk Vujasinovic

Founding Partner

Brian Beckcom

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We have also received media exposure for our work, appearing on national television and in the international press. Articles and news stories about our cases help our clients tell their side of the story. This can be crucial, especially when the company already has an established reputation. In the Maersk Alabama case, the movie Captain Phillips was released a few months before trial was scheduled to start. Our clients, nine of the ship's crewmembers who were attacked by Somali pirates, wanted to speak out. They wanted to fight the Hollywood publicity machine and tell their side of the story. They need to get the truth out there.

In some cases, media attention on a case exposes negligence and safety failures closer to home. When people are hurt because a local company fails to put the community's safety over its profits, the community deserves to hear about it. Local journalists have covered cases involving:

  • unsafe apartment complex managers and owners
  • companies who sell defective products, medical devices, and drugs
  • companies who put untrained, unqualified, and unsupervised drivers behind the wheel of large trucks and 18-wheelers
  • companies whose plants explode, injuring and endangering the community, because they chose not to fix unsafe equipment.

Our dedication to help our clients succeed led us to Project Walk, now the 851 Foundation. This amazing organization believes that anyone with a spinal cord injury or who has suffered a stroke has the ability to walk again. Their proven, trademarked method of physical therapy helped one of our clients go from being totally unable to talk or control any of his limbs to being able to walk, talk, and ride a bike on his own in two years. They know the only limits to success are the ones we impose on ourselves. The 851 Foundation's goal is to be able to endow the program so that, regardless of financial ability, anyone who needs their help will be able to get it. To help them achieve that goal, we sponsor of the 851 Foundation's Fun Run Walk & Roll.

We also support the MS 150 and the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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