Houston Cyclists Have a Hard Time Holding Drivers Responsible for the Tragedies They Cause, But Our Legal Team Can Help Victims Take Action

As more people turn to their bikes for transportation, more “ghost bike” memorials are popping up along our roadways, marking the locations where cyclists’ lives have been lost in fatal bicycle accidents. Despite efforts from police, city officials, and cycling enthusiasts to make the Houston area a safer place to ride, the region remains a challenging—and dangerous—place for bikes.

While bike lanes exist on many roadways, vulnerable cyclists still struggle to maintain control and stay safe as drivers make choices that put them at risk. The city streets and intersections between marked bike lanes can be even worse, and sharing these roads with drivers can be downright deadly.  

If you’re like many people who have been injured in a bike accident, you are not prepared to handle the insurance negotiations that follow—and you may not even realize exactly how unprepared you are. Get armed with the information you and your family need now by requesting your free copy of our eye-opening book, How to Win Your Injury Case, or simply by reaching out directly to our experienced Houston legal team.  

Understanding Your Rights If You’ve Been Hurt in a Bike Accident With Another Vehicle

When an accident does happen, cyclists’ injuries are often very severe, even when they were protected by appropriate safety equipment. The vulnerable person on the bicycle can’t stand up to the weight and speed of a passenger vehicle, and broken bones, serious facial injuries, brain injuries, and other serious or life-altering injuries are common.

Unfortunately, the cost of treating these severe injuries can leave cyclists and their families facing financial ruin—but there is hope. They may have options for a financial recovery if another person’s mistake was responsible for the accident and their injuries. These responsible parties might include negligent:

  • Drivers
  • Pedestrians
  • Parties responsible for keeping roads and bike routes safely maintained

But what makes a person “negligent” in a bike accident? Some examples of the common causes of injuries in bicycle accidents that another person may be held responsible for might include:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Reckless or intoxicated drivers
  • Pedestrians failing to follow the rules of the road
  • “Dooring” accidents
  • Dangerous choices or a disregard for laws and signage
  • Collisions when cars refuse to share the road
  • Collisions in the gaps in bike lanes
  • Poor maintenance of public bike routes

However, winning injury cases after serious bicycle accidents isn’t easy, and affected cyclists have to take steps to both protect themselves and the compensation they deserve.

Cyclists Have a Right to Share the Road With Larger Vehicles—And to Hold Drivers Responsible for the Accidents They Cause

Despite efforts to educate the public, cyclists are still sometimes perceived as a nuisance to drivers. And, at times, cyclists are even the victims of aggression from drivers who resent having to “share the road.” While cyclists often get a bad reputation, even the safest, most conscientious cyclists are still at risk from the aggressive, clueless, or intoxicated drivers who unfortunately lurk on our roadways.

To add insult to injury, drivers who hit cyclists are not always charged. In order to force a negligent driver to take responsibility for causing a bike accident, many Houston families find themselves stuck in a drawn-out legal battle with the driver’s insurance company. Instead of getting the help they need with their medical bills and expenses, they are instead treated to tricks, traps, and aggressive attempts to minimize their claims.

In an attempt to even the playing field between large insurance companies and injured cyclists, our experienced legal team can step in to represent and protect:

  • Cyclists who have been injured. A person on a bike has virtually no protection from a car or truck. Cyclists are sometimes killed on impact, and many others suffer life-changing injuries, such as numerous broken bones, head or brain trauma, mobility-limiting neck and spinal damage, and serious scarring.
  • Family members of cyclists who have been killed. After the tragedy of losing a loved one, it seems unthinkable that anyone would try to take advantage of your grief. The unfortunate truth is that, even in wrongful death claims, insurance companies will try to protect their own bottom lines. Our team can work as your ally to make sure that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

Our Team of Experienced Attorneys Make a Difference for Injured Cyclists and Their Families

Our legal team has represented people and families all over the nation who have been hurt in catastrophic accidents and high-profile incidents of all kinds, but our hearts are here in Houston. We want cyclists to know that they can get the aggressive representation they need right here at home.

Every injury or wrongful death client we take on gets one-on-one answers from an experienced attorney and the support of an entire full-service legal team. We aim to create a meaningful relationship with the families we represent so that we can tailor our services to their needs and maximize their success.

To get started with a free case review, or to simply ask a few questions after a bike accident, give our team a call, send an email, or fill out the contact form on this page. Cyclists in Houston can take a stand against irresponsible drivers, and our team is standing by to help you today.