VB Attorneys Hired For Walmart Injury Claim

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

Wal-Mart driver hires VB Attorneys to file lawsuit after on the job injury

Photo By: Jolie Puidokas/Marketplace

Our law firm has been hired by a driver who sustained a head injury, as well as various orthopedic injuries, at a Walmart while delivering his load.  A Walmart employee caused a commercial drop down door to hit our client in the head.  

Our client was not employed by Walmart, rather, he worked for a different company.  Therefore, this is called a "third party case."  

Our client asked Walmart to help him with medical treatment, but the company ignored him.  Our client is continuing to see various doctors for his injuries.

In these types of third party cases, many times the injured worker will obtain medical treatment from his or her employer's workers compensation insurance.  This can be done, and at the same time the third party - in this particular case Walmart - can be sued and the claim pursued.

Walmart is a huge company and has established a system by which it tries to defeat injury claims.  Our lawyers have handled many cases against Walmart and we know their "playbook" very well.  We will use this to our client's advantage in this case.

For more information on third party cases and on work injury cases in general, please visit our job injury page.


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