Trial date set in sulphuric acid eye injury case

Posted on Sep 12, 2009
A district judge in Harris County, Texas, has set a preferential trial date for a case against Hoyer Global (USA), Inc.  A company had sent one of its tanker-trailers to Hoyer Global to be cleaned.  The tanker-trailer was used to transport sulphuric acid.  Hoyer Global worked on the tanker-trailer and returned it to the company, with a "Certificate of Cleanliness" incidating it had properly cleaned the product.  However, Hoyer Global failed to clean out a "scrubber" which is an integral part of the tanker-trailer.  When a worker was working on the product, the scrubber released sulphuric acid into both of his eyes.  The worker is permanently legally blind in both eyes as a result of this incident.  Inexplicably, Hoyer Global continues to deny any responsibility.  The judge scheduled the trial to begin on February 1, 2010.  The worker is represented by Vujasinovic & Beckcom.

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