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K-Park School Bus Crashes During Galveston Field Trip

Posted on Mar 05, 2012

Although multiple vehicles were involved, no injuries were reported in the Houston school bus crash that occurred on February 16, district spokeswoman Karen Collier said.

The Humble ISD school bus was carrying several Kingwood Park High School students to Galveston on a field trip to Texas A&M.  The bus was traveling down Interstate 45 at Scott Street in southeast Houston when it was struck by another vehicle at around 8:30 a.m.

“We had two buses going to Galveston. The first bus made it just fine. It was the second bus that was involved,” Collier told reporters Thursday. “From what I understand, two to three cars collided, and at least one of the other vehicles was pushed into the bus. Police are still gathering information.”

Collier said although no children were injured in the crash, the bus driver did receive treatment for an injured knee at St. Joseph Hospital. The stranded students were picked up by a replacement bus and they continued on their way to Galveston.

There have been three recent accidents involving Humble ISD school buses, but school authorities do not believe any of the district’s bus drivers to be at fault and none of the drivers have been issued citations.

Collier commented that accidents sometimes happen in school districts with large bus fleets, but the buses are made specifically for student safety.

“School buses are built like a tank for a reason,” Collier said. “Kids are very well protected. It is very rare that a student suffers injuries in a collision.”

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