Injured dock worker hires VB Attorneys for dock accident case

Posted on Dec 16, 2009
Gerardo was employed by Gulf Stream Marine, working at the docks at the Houston Ship Channel which is regulated by the Port of Houston Authority.  An employee of Richway Cartage, Inc., was driving a commercial truck that hit Gerardo and pinned him against another commercial truck.  Gerardo mainly hurt his leg and back in the accident, and his doctors performed a fusion back surgery.

Although the company investigations revealed the accident was 100% the fault of the Richway Cartage driver, the company and its insurance company denied Gerardo's claim.  Gerardo hired our firm to represent him. 

The companies continued to deny Gerardo's claim.  A lawsuit was filed in Harris County, Texas.

Thus far, discovery has reinforced what was already known:  the Richway Cartage employee caused the accident and Gerardo's injuries.

The case remains pending.