Chevron Contractor Killed, 2 Injured on Gulf Gas Platform

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

Chevron contractor dies in accident on Gulf gas platform

A contractor for Chevron was killed on September 13, 2014, while doing maintenance on a natural gas line platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Two other workers were reported as being injured in the accident. The Chevron platform, located off the Louisiana coast, is part of a natural gas gathering system. Chevron is investigating the cause of the accident, and containment crews are headed to the platform to evaluate the situation.

What Immediate Family Needs to do After a Loved One Dies on the Job:

When you learn your loved one has died in a work accident, filing a lawsuit is generally not the first thought on your mind. As you are grieving for your loved one and are learning about the circumstances of his or her death, you may develop questions about the company's role in the accident. You may wonder who was responsible, if your loved one's death could have been prevented, and many other questions. There are two things you should do if you think your loved one died due to someone else's negligence:

  1. Find out what really happened to your loved one. Companies often manipulate the evidence to their advantage after an accident, so you cannot trust their information. Having an experienced attorney lead an independent investigation into the accident will help you determine what really happened, who is responsible, and if you are entitled to a settlement.
  2. Find out how long you have to file your wrongful death lawsuit, what kinds of claims can be made in these lawsuits, and what kinds of compensation you can receive. Talk to an attorney who has successfully handled cases similar to yours to get the answers you need.

What Oil and Gas Workers Need to do After an Accident:

Oil and Gas workers face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the country. Although safety measures prevent many accidents, accidents still happen. And, for workers who have been injured on the job, not knowing your rights can be more dangerous for your career than the accident itself. Before your career goes down the drain, find out what you can do to protect your financial future and your professional career:

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