Beckcom Settles Case for Injured Industrial Plant Worker

Posted on May 23, 2012

Industrial Worker Injured In Explosion to Receive $1.1 Million SettlementAfter a third mediation and only a few days before a scheduled trial, a Houston area inspection company has agreed to pay $1,100,000.00 to settle personal injury claims asserted by a client of Brian Beckcom, one of the founding partners of VB Attorneys.

The case went on for almost 4 years, and a significant amount of investigative work was required.  According to Mr. Beckcom, other confidential settlements were obtained with other peripheral defendants, but the inspection company was the one that was primarily responsible for an explosion that almost killed two workers, including Mr. Beckcom's client.

"We basically had to divide and conquer.  We obtained settlements with other defendants and then aimed all our firepower at the remaining defendant, who we always believed had the most responsibility for this preventable accident."

The settlement was obtained only a few days before a scheduled trial date.

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