Arlington Truck Accident Closes Highway after Semi Collides with Bridge

Posted on Feb 13, 2012

Two trailers collided with a railroad bridge in Arlington, causing a Texas truck accident that slowed traffic to a halt for hours after the crash. 

At about 12:30 p.m. on February 3, two 18-wheeler trucks approached the bottom of the Division Street railroad bridge on Texas 360 in Arlington.  The trucks, which were both hauling pieces of equipment on flatbed trailers, struck the base of the bridge while traveling at speed.

Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said that immediately after the accident, a third truck was unable to maneuver around the rigs and crashed into the rear of one of the trailers. Both trucks' cargo was ejected from the beds and spilled across the road, onto both the northbound and southbound lanes.

None of the drivers was seriously injured in the crash. One person was rushed to nearby hospital by an ambulance that responded to the scene, but his injuries were deemed non-life-threatening and he has since been discharged.

The accident blocked all lanes of northbound 360 for several hours, and the highway was shut down as officers struggled to clear the scene. Commuters were encouraged to seek alternate routes for their ride home by Arlington police, but northbound traffic was restored later in the evening with most traffic diverted to the access road.

Southbound traffic was reduced to one lane due to the amount of debris lying on the roadway. Heavy-duty wreckers were last reported on the scene to remove the wreckage as quickly as possible. 

Train travel was also suspended until Union Pacific inspectors could examine the extent of damage to the bridge. Inspectors gave Union Pacific an all-clear within hours, and trains were allowed to resume crossing the bridge.

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