What to Do After a Williams Brothers Work Injury in Texas

Construction site employees are well aware of the dangers of the workplace. An accident on a Texas construction site can be fatal, so it is important that they be alert and mindful of safety procedures at all times, and encourage others to do the same.

But what if your employer doesn’t have the same attitude toward safety that you do?

Building site injuries can have devastating effects. A fall from a height or a defective machinery accident can cause serious head injuries, paralysis, loss of a limb or the premature death of a construction worker.

Here are just a few types of Williams Brothers construction injuries:

  • Structure collapses, including scaffolding, roof, wall or floor collapses
  • Head injuries due to slips and falls, improper harnesses or not wearing a hard hat 
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving dump trucks, forklifts, tractors, semis or company cars
  • Defective tools or heavy equipment
  • Crane accidents or hoist malfunctions
  • Equipment hazards such as conveyor belt accidents or elevator shaft accidents
  • Environmental injuries due to breathing in poisons, toxins or asbestos exposure
  • Explosions, fires, electrocutions or serious burns
  • Blindness or loss of hearing
  • Crushing or amputation of fingers, hands, feet or limbs 

Our Williams Brothers work injury lawyers know that many of these construction site accidents could have been prevented if the proper safety practices had been in place. In many cases, a negligent company or contractor is responsible for the accident that caused a worker to suffer weeks of hospital care, painful rehabilitation and a future loss of earning capacity for the rest of his life.

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