Houston Greyhound Bus Accidents Can Result in Serious Head Injuries

If you’re planning on taking a cross-country trip, you’ve probably sat down to consider your travel options. Money is tight these days, and just as you got the bike out of the garage to cut down on gas, you’re willing to forgo a plane ride for the less expensive bus ticket.

You never would have guessed that you might need a helmet on your bus trip as well.

Due to their size and weight, tour buses such as Greyhound’s are at a higher risk of rollover accidents, which often cause severe head injuries in Houston bus passengers.

Here are a few recent cases of serious injury after a Greyhound bus accident:

  • Greyhound bus passenger Ashley Reedy won a $7 million settlement after a distracted driver in Texas caused a rollover accident. Reedy suffered head, neck and back injuries and required lower-back surgery after the crash.
  • In January, a passenger in Oklahoma suffered a head injury in a Greyhound crash so traumatic he was admitted to the hospital in critical condition.
  • After a tour bus rolled over in Philadelphia last September, only four of the twenty-nine people aboard were left uninjured. One woman was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed by emergency crews—yet a Greyhound spokesperson would not identify the driver or release any information about the driver’s safety record. 

Our Texas Greyhound bus accident lawyers know that these injuries are complex and take weeks, months or even years to heal. In some cases, the victims will suffer effects of their injury for the rest of their lives, drastically reducing their ability to work while increasing their medical costs.

In addition, many victims assume that the bus company will “own up” to their responsibility for the accident and their medical bills will be taken care of.  These unsuspecting passengers often have a rude awakening when they discover that the company’s insurance adjusters have gathered evidence against them: a signed document at the scene of the accident, or a recorded statement given in the days following the crash.

Greyhound is a large company with deep pockets. Their attorneys will do everything they can to protect their interests—and you need someone on your side doing the same for you. If you were involved in a Greyhound bus crash, our experienced Texas injury lawyers can get you the compensation deserve.

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